A decade ago, software was used to make music more powerful than hardware.

Today, that’s changing.

The next generation of music players are using new technologies to make songs more powerful.

And a software engineer with the Boston-based Beat Making Software Group says software is the future of music.

“I don’t know of anyone that’s ever done music in a way that didn’t involve some sort of hardware component,” says Michael Hsieh, who heads up Beat Making.

“The hardware is where you really get that.”

Software has been used to produce music since the late 1960s.

It’s often compared to a drum machine, a digital keyboard, or even a synthesizer.

But it has also made music and written songs that have been embraced by artists from Madonna to Katy Perry.

Beat Making is part of a new class of music software that makes music sound and look like the real thing.

Software engineers like Hsiehr have been using software to make beats for over 20 years, from their own personal musical compositions to music for movies, TV shows, and music videos.

A few years ago, Hsiehz started working on a new genre called electro-pop.

His music was inspired by a sound he heard in his father’s garage.

Hsiehs father had a large garage full of instruments, including a vintage drum machine and a Roland TR-808 drum machine.

When Hsieiys father bought his son a guitar, he didn’t want it to sound like the stuff his father used to play.

So Hsiehn and his father started to write music around the sounds they saw in his garage.

“I started thinking about how the drums and the sound in my dad’s garage are the same way a piano and a synthesiser are,” Hsieht says.

It turns out that these instruments can reproduce the sounds that were created by their maker.

And the more they recreate those sounds, the more the instruments can replicate them in ways that are new.

Hsieh has also created software that lets musicians control and tweak the sounds of instruments that they’ve programmed.

His music has also been used as the basis for some films, including the sci-fi thriller “The Fifth Element” and the animated film “Moana.”

But that music isn’t just for making movies or TV shows.

Hsueh’s software has also found a home in the world of video games.

Beat Making’s software, which Hsieih created with a group of collaborators, was used in the creation of the first Halo game.

The software also helps artists make music that’s as close to the original sounds of the instruments they use.

As the industry continues to evolve, software is getting more sophisticated.

It can make music sounds that are not as “hard” as the hardware it’s used to create.

Hsihs work is part-time and relies on volunteers to help him.

But he says he wants to be a full-time engineer by the end of the year.

For the next decade, Hsihes software will be used to help music producers make music they can’t make by hand.

And, Hsieh says, he thinks the future is bright.

“I think that this technology is going to be used more and more to make the music that we make that people will love,” he says.

“This technology will be the future that makes this music as enjoyable and engaging as the music we made ourselves.”

The Beat Making team is based at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where Hsiehi holds the Josephine K. Mather Chair in Music Production.

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