Here’s your chance to decide.

Here’s a list of the top-rated iPhone screen recording apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

If you’re looking for a more hands-on approach to screen recording, check out our iPhone screen recorder guide.1.

ScreenRecorder 2.

Scrutinizer ScreenRecaper is the second app on our list of best screen recorder apps for iOS.

It’s the only app with screen recording built-in, allowing you to quickly take screenshots and record videos on your iPhone or iPad.

Scutinization lets you quickly capture screenshots, videos, and audio and share them with friends.

Scritenizer is available for both iOS devices and OS X computers.2.

VideoShot 2.

VideoSketcher VideoShot lets you take stunning panoramic videos with just your phone.

It works on any iPhone or iPod touch, including iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

It also works on Android phones.

Videoshot can record up to 4K resolution.3.

The VideoShot app is free on the App Store, but there are no ads or in-app purchases.

You can download the app for free from the AppStore, and the app is available on the iPhone, Android and Windows PC platforms.4.

The Videos app for Windows PC is also free, but the app has ads.

It can be downloaded for free, and can be installed on Windows PCs with the same install option as other apps.5.

ScreenshotJumps on iPhone is the first app to have fullscreen recording built in.

It features video playback, video recording and audio playback.

The app works on all iPhone models.6.

Scroop Scroops is a great way to record a video, and it also includes voice recognition for voice commands.

Scrobop lets you record videos from your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad using voice commands, and record audio using Siri.7.

Todoist Todoists is the only iOS app that offers voice recognition on your phone or iPad, which means it can record audio with Siri, and text with Apple Pay.

The free version has a few limitations, like limited screen recording and a limited number of recordings.8.

PocketMate PocketMage is a full-screen recording app, and you can record videos and photos with the built-up screen.

It has a built-ins camera app that can record video or photos.9.

Vimeo Vimeo is the third app on this list, but it also has video playback built- in.

The video playback is great, and Vimeo also has the best audio.

It is available as an iOS or Android app.10.

The Storyful app is an iOS app, but you can download it for free on your device.

The story is your story.

It lets you tell your own story in a video or audio recording.

The best part is you can add a tag to your video and video to your story and share it with friends and family.

The Stories app is also available on iOS devices.11.

Aperture Aperture is the fourth app on the list.

The Aperture app lets you capture a photo or video, then add caption and video.

A photo or recording app has a camera app, so it can capture videos, images, and even voice-controlled actions.

A video app has the ability to record audio and video, so you can make your own voiceovers.

The only downside is that it’s not the most customizable video recording app.12.

Viber Viber is the fifth app on Apple’s list.

It allows you to share your own video or photo, as well as audio.

You are also able to add a photo tag.

The Viber app is the most advanced video or recording application, but this app also lacks screen recording.

It does not have in-camera video.13.

VEVO VEVo is the sixth app on these lists, but unlike other apps, it has audio and recording built into it.

Vevo lets you play music or create an audio-only video.

It uses Apple’s Photos app for audio and music creation.14.

iShot iShot is a free video app on iPhone and Android, but users can pay for a subscription.

The iShot app has some of the best camera app in the game.

It provides fullscreen video recording, which lets you edit video and make it your own.

It will record video in 720p or 480p.

The premium version lets you make a full audio recording for up to eight minutes, and adds voice control.15.

iVid iVID is the seventh app on each list.

You get all the features you expect from iShot, plus the ability for you to record and share your video.

You also get a built in camera app and the ability add caption to videos.

The paid version of iVids app includes audio recording, as does the premium version.

The pros have the best video editing and

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