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Read moreApple’s iPhone 6 is an impressive design, but it also has a serious drawback: a battery that’s about as durable as a $20 iPhone.

That’s the conclusion of a report by Battery Journal, which analyzed how batteries and devices that can recharge quickly are rated and compared with ones that aren’t.

The battery on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is rated for a year, compared to the two-year battery that Apple used on its last generation iPhone.

And while Apple says that its new iPhones can last up to a year and a half, Battery Journal says it’s likely to be slightly less than that, given the way the battery performs in a range of conditions.

The report found that the iPhone’s battery life is more dependent on the speed of the charging process, which depends on the number of charges the phone can take before needing to be recharged.

In the iPhone 5, the iPhone was able to charge the phone in about eight hours with a standard charger, but only a full five hours with the ProCharge technology.

In the iPhone 7, Apple says the battery can charge the device in 10 hours, but Battery Journal found that this number is much lower.

Apple says its iPhone 7 is more efficient than a standard 3,000mAh battery, but we found that to be doubtful.

Battery Journal found the iPhone batteries on both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 were much less efficient than those on its other phones.

Apple claims that the new batteries can charge a device up to three times faster than those of its previous generation iPhones.

Battery Journal calculated that Apple’s iPhone 7 could charge the iPhone up to 6 hours with standard chargers, but this number was not confirmed.

It’s not clear whether the battery in the iPhone SE and iPhone X will last longer than the batteries in its other iPhones.

Apple has said that it will continue to provide the latest battery technologies to iPhone users.

We asked Apple for comment on the battery test.

A spokesperson told Ars Technica that “the battery test is based on standard usage, not the actual charge time.

iPhone batteries have not been tested to ensure they will last for long periods of time.”

Apple declined to provide an explanation for the test results, but did say that the battery tests “are based on the latest data on iPhone battery performance and are designed to give consumers the best comparison with existing batteries.”

In our battery test, we used a standard USB-C port for all tests, including charging, and a Micro-USB port for data transfer.

The device used in the battery testing is an iPhone 6 Plus.

We used a similar charger for data transfers and a standard Micro-HDMI port for charging.

We didn’t include the battery life of the battery due to the way we measure battery life.

The iPhone 6 was the only iPhone to use a battery rated for more than 12 hours of continuous charge.

The iPhone 6 plus is rated at 8 hours.

The battery tests were run in a lab, and we used battery tests with a USB-Tether to isolate power transfer between the iPhone and the computer.

The USB-Saver tests were used to capture the data we needed for battery life measurements.

The most accurate battery tests included a series of steps designed to determine how fast the iPhone can charge.

To test the charging speed, we connected the iPhone to a computer, placed it in a quiet room with a fan, and held the iPhone for a period of time.

We then connected the device to a USB cable and used the data from the charging test to calculate the time to charge.

We also measured the battery’s voltage, which indicates how quickly the battery is getting charged.

In our final battery test we tested the iPhone in a variety of conditions, including a variety that required charging.

In a series called the Battery Test, we asked users to type in the information they wanted to see on their iPhone’s screen.

The results show that iPhone users generally got a charge in a shorter amount of time, while older iPhone users got much longer battery life, even with the use of a charger.

The test also showed that users with older batteries tend to be more prone to short-term charging issues.

In order to be the most accurate, we had to use the same test to test all three models of iPhone.

Battery testing is more accurate when you have the same conditions over and over.

If you’re running an iPhone that’s getting much less use, the data on a phone may change.

The best battery tests we could do on a test phone with a range for the iPhone are the ones that involve charging in a room.

Battery life in a public setting is better for the battery because you don’t have to be standing behind the charger and have to rely on the computer’s ability to detect when the device is charging.

In a public space, the device can be charging at a faster rate

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