The Epic software has been updated for the 2.6.0 release.

The Epics Python 2 has been completely rewritten and now supports python2.7 (Python 2.8) as well as other Python 3 features.

It has also been optimized for high performance and performance improvements, especially on low memory environments.

The new Epic codebase supports the following new features:The codebase has been thoroughly tested and we can confirm that this is an alpha release.

We expect to release an official release in the near future, and the update will be released as a free upgrade for all users.

We recommend using Python 2,3, or 3.x to run the code in order to gain the most from the improvements and performance gains.

The following packages have been updated to 2.5.x and are now fully compatible with the 2,6.x release:We recommend installing these packages from the official download page.

We have also released a free update for all Python 2 users, with the following changes:We have added a new Python 2 API (and Python 3 API) to Epic’s Python 2 and 3 codebase.

The new Python 3 code is also now able to support the new Cython module and is therefore backwards compatible.

Epic has now also added support for the Python 3.4 specification for Python 2 code and a new version of the Python documentation, with documentation on the Python language and the Python runtime now in a single place.

We will be releasing a further update to Python 2 as part of the 2-week long 2-phase release cycle for Python 3 developers, so expect a new release on the 2nd of April.

The official Python 2 documentation is now available on the Epics website, with additional information on the API changes.

Epic Python is the largest Python distribution to date.

With the Python 2 development toolkit and the latest versions of the PyPy and PyPy 2 packages, Epic provides the Python community with the most up-to-date and feature-rich Python development environment.

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