Ars The first time you plug in a webcam, you’ll have to plug it in again after that.

But the nzb-camera-software package lets you connect to your webcam and do some other cool stuff that’s not currently possible with Apple’s proprietary Remote Access app.

Here’s how. 

First off, the nzptecam software lets you control your camera with a single click.

Once you have the remote connected, you can use it to control the webcam as if it were an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone.

This is useful because you don’t have to keep your remote connected and can switch between it and your camera anytime.

You can also add a second remote, if you’re interested in using it to capture the next shot, or change the focus of the photo.

The nzaptecam package also lets you add a timer to your photo that automatically records the time of sunrise and sunset, as well as time remaining in the scene.

Finally, you have access to a bunch of other handy functions, like the ability to adjust the resolution and sharpness of the picture.

The remote itself comes in a bunch (you can get it here for $25), but you’ll need a compatible camera to use it.

For this reason, the only remote that comes with the nxtecam suite is the Novell N2 (the one with the infrared chip).

For more information on the nzedcam package, check out our review of the nza-cam package. 

Finally, you don,t have to use an iPhone or iPad to control your webcam.

The Nzb-Cam software package lets anyone with an Android device (like the Samsung Galaxy S4) or a Windows Phone 8.1 tablet or Windows Phone 6.0 tablet use the remote.

If you’re already using Apple’s Remote Access software, there’s one more way you can control your Mac remotely.

If you want to use the camera with an iPhone app like iPhoto or GarageBand, you’re going to have to go through the same process.

This article originally appeared on Ars Technican.

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