Posted by Entertainment Weekly on February 24, 2019 03:25:59The new “Star Wars” movie “The Last Jedi” has been released on Blu-ray, DVD and digital download.

However, you may not have gotten to experience the film before it arrives.

We’ve seen trailers and a trailer for “The Force Awakens” in the past, but the “Last Jedi” trailer didn’t include much in the way of action scenes, much less the lightsaber fight scenes.

In a post on the official “Star War: The Force Awakens: The Complete Collection” website, director J.J. Abrams wrote: “The first time we met Han Solo and Chewbacca on screen was the opening credits.

That was it.

We got to see them do their best to get back to their ship.”

That first scene in the trailer didn, however, introduce you to the “Force” itself.

As the trailer continues, we see a little more, including an iconic shot of Han Solo with his lightsaber.

We saw this in the first teaser for “Star Trek Into Darkness,” which we also saw in the last teaser for the movie, which included footage of “The Return of the Jedi.”

As for the lightsaber, Abrams wrote that the scene is an homage to the first trailer for the film.

Abrams also wrote that “The lightsaber in the lightsaber battle in the beginning of the trailer is a real-life replica of a Jedi-specific blade.”

“It was not an exact replica.

It’s a replica of the lightsaber we saw in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope,” Abrams said.”

We had to cut a lot of the scenes in The Force to make it look like the real thing.”

It’s unclear whether or not this “real” lightsaber is a replica or not.

The real-world version is about 3 inches longer than the lightsaber used in the film, and it’s made of wood.

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