The following software updates will be rolled-out this week for the PlayStation 4 console, as well as for other hardware and software.

A full list of the updates is below. 

These updates include:Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe announced the following software and hardware updates for its console.

The PlayStation 4 will be available for purchase in Europe from Monday, October 7.

The first batch of software updates for the console is scheduled to be released on Tuesday, October 10, followed by the second batch on Wednesday, October 11.

The PS4 will be also available in Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong from Monday through to Thursday. 

The PS4 version of the first game from developer ZeniMax Media will be included in the release of the game. 

“The PlayStation Network, the world’s largest digital entertainment marketplace, continues to grow and become a key part of the entertainment landscape, with more than two billion unique users each month, and we’re excited to continue our strong relationship with Sony,” said Michael Gaudin, senior vice president of digital for Sony Interactive Entertainment.

“We’re thrilled to be working with ZeniMAX Media and are excited to work with gamers and other developers around the world to bring new and exciting PlayStation experiences to their communities.” 

This week, Sony also launched an online service for gamers to access the PS4 online service, which has over 100 million gamers and is a major part of Sony’s push into online gaming. 

This new PlayStation 4 update will not be available on the PS3, but players will be able to download the update from the PlayStation Store on Friday, October 14. 

As usual, players can download the new update from this website and then install it by visiting the PS Store and selecting the option to update their console. 

Users who have purchased a PlayStation Plus subscription will be automatically upgraded to a PS4 upgrade. 

Players who have already purchased the PS Plus subscription for this console can also download the PS 4 update by logging into their PlayStation account and selecting “Get PlayStation 4 Update” on the PlayStation home screen. 

For more information about the PS games that are coming to the PS Vita, visit this page.

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