If you’re one of those people who thinks you’re the only one who can’t use a smartphone or tablet for anything other than texting and chatting, the chances are good that your friends are either too scared to use their phones or don’t care to.

Google says the vast majority of Android users are using their devices for things other than messaging, and the fact that Google is putting ads on its apps is a sign that they’re more interested in being the most active users.

The ads, which appear on the homescreen of every Android device, are aimed at “people who like the idea of being active” Google said.

The company’s software is designed to “help you find your way through a busy world,” it added.

But it’s not all about being active.

“There’s a whole other set of apps and services that you might like that don’t get ads, like reading books and watching movies, or even chatting with your friends,” said Rob Purdon, vice president of product at research firm Ovum.

“We’re a little bit biased in favour of the active user here.”

Purdin said the ads are designed to be more engaging for Android users, but Google hasn’t been able to convince users to stop using their phones.

Google has long been criticized for how it targets its ads on mobile phones and has been under fire from privacy advocates for being one of the most transparent companies when it comes to its data collection practices.

Google said the focus of the ads is to reach people who are interested in reading and socializing, and it’s the kind of information that most people don’t use to their advantage.

“These ads do nothing to influence how you choose your mobile device,” Purden said.

“It’s a really small, targeted group of people that is most likely going to use the ads.”

Google has been trying to shift that focus to other ways of delivering ads to its users, such as on its TV ad network, and in recent months has launched a series of TV ads to highlight its digital TV platform.

It launched its new ads with an app-like feel, giving people a chance to find apps they might be interested in and then ask them to install them.

“People who have been using Android for a while may be able to see these ads, but they won’t necessarily be interested or use them,” Purndonsaid.

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