A new software platform for musicians and recording studios will give them a platform to build their own apps, make music, and share their creations online.

The new platform, called Cad, allows musicians to create new applications and create music from their apps.

It is being developed by a team led by musician Amit Thakur, who is currently working as a digital music producer for a music label.

The Cad platform will allow musicians to make a music app with their apps, and it can also stream music to other users through a cloud-based streaming service.

Cad will also allow users to stream music directly from the platform to their devices, without having to leave the app.

Aadhi Gokhale, co-founder and CEO of Cad, said in an interview with Techcircle, that the platform is “coming on leaps and bounds” in India.

“What we’ve done with Cad is to bring the best of the music creation space to the Indian app marketplace,” Gokhan told Techcircle.

“The best of this has been that the software can now run on both Android and iOS devices.”

The Cad team has been working with local software developers and music producers, and Gokhe said they have been testing out the Cad platform with artists and producers.

“We have been working for over a year to bring it to the market,” he said.

“Cad has the potential to give artists the tools and tools to make the music they want to make, and they are very excited about the possibilities it opens up for them.”

The new Cad platform is currently available for free to users of the online music platform Mixcloud.

The Cad platform allows users to create their own music, while also offering access to other apps, including Spotify, Google Play, and Pandora.

Gokhhe said Cad will not only allow musicians and producers to create music on their own devices, but also stream their music to the world through the Cad app.

The app will allow users of Cad to play tracks directly from their devices or from another device, and the app will also play back the music on demand.

The developers said Cad was developed as a means to enable developers to produce their own custom music applications.

“With the Cad team, we’re building on a few decades of experience in creating and delivering quality software for musicians.

With the Cad ecosystem, we can help them build their software apps for the next generation,” said Amit Tharakur.

Cad will also be the platform for a new software product that is being created by a different team.

Gokha said the new product is being designed to stream the music directly to users through the internet.

The company has also built an app that can stream the audio from any smartphone or tablet, and users can also control it with the phone or tablet.

Golkha said Cad is being used by a few artists and labels, including the likes of Aadhi and Biju Datta, and is also being used in the studio of musician and producer Kunal Dutt.

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