By David A. Goodman, USA TODAY Dec. 1, 2018 As bitcoin is about to hit $15,000, some people are warning of a “black swan” event as the currency is becoming more popular and more volatile.

This year, the value of bitcoin has increased more than $20,000 from its initial value of $11,500, and has continued to rise.

What you need to know about bitcoin and blockchain technology: What is bitcoin?

The term bitcoin has been coined in 2009 by entrepreneur Satoshi Nakamoto, but it has been around for some time.

For many years, the currency was only used in online transactions, but in recent years it has become popular with merchants who accept bitcoin as payment for goods and services.

The cryptocurrency is not controlled by a central authority and is distributed across a network of computers, called a blockchain, that is encrypted with the cryptography of a private key.

It is not subject to any central government oversight, and transactions are confirmed on a distributed network that is open to all.

The value of the cryptocurrency has risen sharply over the past few years, with its value increasing from less than $11 to more than double in the past year, according to CoinMarketCap.

At one point in 2017, the price of bitcoin was trading at $9,500.

Its value is currently hovering around $15k, which is an increase of over $200,000.

It is unclear whether a “swan” is about, or even if there will be a “Black Swan” type event in the near future.

Bitcoin is still a speculative market and many investors are still trying to determine how the currency will affect their portfolios.

The biggest factor that has driven the rise of bitcoin is the meteoric rise of its value, and the rapid expansion of its community.

Bitcoin was invented in 2009 and has since exploded in popularity.

The currency is a virtual commodity, or currency, which means that it can be used anywhere in the world, including in the United States and other countries, and is not tied to any government.

Bitcoin has been used as a way to trade virtual goods and as a form of payment for illegal goods.

It was created in 2009.

Bitcoin has also been the target of cyberattacks, with ransomware being the most prominent one.

But these attacks have been mostly unsuccessful.

The cryptocurrency has also made headlines in recent months for other reasons, including the recent hack of the Democratic National Committee and a hack of U.S. elections.

The blockchain is used to verify transactions and to create a public ledger of the currency.

Transactions are verified by a decentralized system, or consensus mechanism, which uses the cryptographic properties of the blockchain to verify whether a transaction is valid.

In the past, the blockchain has been criticized for being a digital gold standard.

The bitcoin blockchain is a distributed database of information.

The system is also called a “proof of work,” because every transaction is verified by the cryptographic keys of every individual involved in the transaction.

The network, or “blockchain,” also serves as a repository of information, with the public key associated with each transaction.

It was originally developed as a secure method for storing information, but the technology has evolved over time and is now used by many businesses, such as financial institutions, health care companies, and online retailers.

A blockchain is the digital ledger of a transaction, and it can also be used to transfer value or to record ownership information.

It records the value and ownership of all the transactions, and also allows a record of the transaction to be easily verified and verified again.

It has become a popular tool for digital commerce and is often used in financial transactions.

A bitcoin transaction can be sent from one person to another, or from one bitcoin wallet to another.

The process of getting bitcoins is relatively easy, said Andrew Wood, a security researcher with the cybersecurity firm Proofpoint.

Just a computer can verify that the address or bitcoins are correct, and that the bitcoin transaction is legal.

The Bitcoin protocol is also a decentralized computer network.

That means the blockchain is not overseen by any government or entity.

It relies on its users and other miners to validate transactions and verify the network.

The network is designed to be secure, and there are no central servers.

It can also operate at a speed that is faster than that of a traditional computer.

A person or company can store bitcoins on their own computer and then use the blockchain for their own business.

The digital currency is an electronic payment system, which allows users to send one or more bitcoin transactions to another person or entity and then send those bitcoins to another party.

The transaction then appears in a public record, and when a payment is confirmed, the amount is transferred.

This is known as a “transaction.”

The Bitcoin protocol also includes a public key system that enables transactions to be verified by third parties.

The blockchain has a public address that is shared between all the nodes in the network, and a

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