The software used to make your smartphone, tablet or laptop is the most important piece of software you use every day, according to a new survey by the UK-based consultancy Software Intelligence.

But in the past year, it has become the least important piece, with software costing the most to build.

It’s the software that’s the first thing you do, and that means that the rest of the day you’re paying for your own hardware and software.

And it’s the hardware that has the biggest impact on how much you spend, and which software you install.

The survey, released today, surveyed 3,000 UK software developers, as well as a representative sample of businesses, to find out what they were doing and how they felt about the software they were using.

“The main takeaway is that it’s time for software to move to a much more transparent way of being purchased,” said Kevin Beattie, Software Intelligence’s senior software architect.

He said the survey also found that software that is “more expensive than it is useful” had a negative impact on the user experience.

“The biggest driver of software spending is the cost of software, which is the difference between what you pay for and what you get for your money,” he said.

Software Intelligence surveyed more than 4,000 software developers and business users across the UK and the US.

It found that the average software developer had spent more than £100 on software in the last 12 months.

But the average spend per software developer was more than twice as high as the average for business users.

“For the vast majority of developers, the price difference between buying and using software is not material,” Mr Beatties said.

“But if you’re not making money from software, the cost difference can be significant.”

Software Intelligence said software developers were likely to spend more on hardware than they do on software.

“If you’re spending money on software, it’s a little less important,” he added.

“So if you don’t make a profit from it, you’re less likely to use it.” 

Software Engineering, which runs a software training and development course in London, said its software engineers spend more time designing and developing apps than they spend on developing the software itself.

“A typical developer’s job is to build software for one of two things: one of them is for a client, the other is for the customer,” said co-founder David Langer.

“In many cases, the developer does the design, but there are a few tasks that the developer has to perform that are typically left to the client.”

I don’t need it to make me happy’ A survey of 7,500 UK software engineers found that while they spent a lot on hardware, they were not willing to spend the same on software for the same reason.””

The more expensive it is to develop the software, and the more difficult it is for developers to make a living from it in the long term, the more money you’re likely to lose.”‘

I don’t need it to make me happy’ A survey of 7,500 UK software engineers found that while they spent a lot on hardware, they were not willing to spend the same on software for the same reason.

“They don’t want to pay more than they need,” Mr Langer said. 

“They just don’t have the money.”

Software Engineering says that it makes them more productive because they’re making more money, but they don’t necessarily feel that they’re spending enough.

“‘I’m happy with it’Another survey, by software firm Kijiji, found that more than half of UK software engineering jobs are now at risk of closure.”

It’s a sign that software developers are losing confidence in the value they’re getting out of their software,” said Mr Beattsie.

Mr Langer added: “There are a lot of people who are losing their jobs in the UK, and a lot more of them are not necessarily software engineers.”

The Software Engineering survey also showed that a third of UK developers said they would rather work with software that was more open-source.”

There’s a lot that’s open-sourced these days, and it’s more open than in the US, which can be quite restrictive,” Mr Woll said.

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