NSA surveillance programs are “too broad” and are needed to “keep up with the times”, according to a report.

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA), an independent research and development arm of the US National Security Agency, revealed on Monday that it was analysing the latest surveillance programme, called “Rampart”, and has been gathering data about the spy agencies activities and capabilities.

“It has been identified that there is a growing need to build out a broader surveillance capability,” the report said.

The IARPA also highlighted how the US is using “surveillance tools” to spy on other countries.

There are “multiple methods” that have been developed to use surveillance tools and that “provide for the creation of targeted systems for intelligence collection on foreign governments and intelligence sources, methods, or targets”, the report noted.

These tools, the report added, are “often considered a cost-effective and cost-efficient method of intelligence collection”.

NSA director Admiral Michael Rogers has previously said the agency will “probably” deploy a surveillance tool for the first time in the US.

Last week, it was reported that the US government has been collecting the metadata of hundreds of millions of emails, calls and texts between the world’s countries.

The NSA claims it has access to the metadata because it is a “business” tool that is not intended to spy.

NSA has not said how many people it is gathering data on.

In a briefing on Monday, the NSA said that it would use a number of different surveillance tools in the future, including a “mobile phone tracking system” that will “provides for a user to collect location information about the phone”.

In an earlier briefing, the agency also said that its “surf-the-waves” program, which it describes as an “intercept” capability, would “allow us to collect all the metadata we need to see and identify individuals in a given location”.

The “mobile telephone tracking system”, the IARP said, will allow it to monitor a user’s location “while also capturing the unique identifier of their mobile phone for later analysis”.

The NSA said it would also be able to “use the system to identify and collect data about specific persons and/or groups” through “targeted data collection”.

The program is being implemented under Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which was passed in 2008.

Section 702 allows the NSA to intercept communications of foreigners outside the US, which includes those living in countries such as India and China, which have their own surveillance laws and which are thought to be havens for terrorists.

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