Tech giants are the latest big players to get into the news business.

They’re making a ton of money doing it, and they’ve gotten more powerful at doing it than ever before.

But how does this impact the news businesses themselves?

Josh Constine writes that the new media ecosystem that has emerged is an enormous new landscape that is still largely untapped.

For starters, there are very few media companies with a market cap larger than Facebook and Google combined.

The other major players in the space are the big players in Facebook and Twitter.

And while many of them make their money by doing a lot of things, most of them don’t sell anything, Constine argues.

“The news industry is so fundamentally different than it was five years ago, and so much of it has been bought and sold by tech companies,” Constine says.

“I think the new world is fundamentally different, but not in a bad way.

The old media landscape is a big, ugly mess.

And we’re not just talking about Facebook or Google.”

Constine also notes that the news industry’s ability to survive and grow depends on the kinds of media companies it works with.

“When it comes down to it, a lot is on the line.

The news industry has to be a big part of the solution,” he says.”

It’s about how news companies are going to be able to make a big impact, and the people who are going get paid to do it.”

Constine argues that these companies have been buying news for years, and that their investment in news content has increased exponentially in recent years.

But he also argues that this kind of buying isn’t necessarily a good thing.

“If you are going in with a plan of building a product and you are not doing your research, and you don’t know what you’re doing, and it’s just a bunch of crap,” he notes.

“There are a lot more good things to be doing.”

What makes this all so worrisome is that the media landscape has changed significantly since Facebook and other tech giants came on the scene.

Now, instead of being in the business of creating a new kind of news, the media companies are in the game of creating products that are more like newspapers and magazines.

And they’re getting a lot richer at it.

But while they’ve been making money off of the news, they’ve also been building out the newsrooms that are making money from them.

The new media landscape means that these media companies now own more of the content than ever.

And that has created a lot less competition for news organizations.

This means that, for example, if news outlets want to make money off their own content, they will need to compete with those who own and operate those outlets.

But even as tech companies have made money off the news they’ve made, they also have been creating their own media.

As Constine explains, this is what makes news so valuable.

“Tech companies are like an old fashioned newspaper: You can sell it, or you can use it, but it’s a very, very old and very valuable product,” he writes.

“And news is the new print.”

To be clear, it’s not just tech companies that are in this for the money.

It’s the media industry as a whole, Const

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