New Delhi: New Delhi’s government has announced plans to roll out a new set of free software that would allow businesses to record, share and even edit audio and video.

The government has launched a project called FreeCocaine, which will be launched in India next week and will be free for the first time in the country, with plans to make it free in the rest of the world.

The government said the FreeCoco software would be launched on the India website and that users would be able to use it to create and share videos, audio and videos.

It said the government would also encourage people to create their own video and audio files, with the government providing a free download link for the program.

“The FreeCoca project is aimed at providing an easy and affordable way to record and share audio and audio conferenced information and services to enhance the efficiency of public life,” said Aniruddha Roy, a government official.

“FreeCoca is an innovative and comprehensive solution that will open the way for the efficient and cost-effective recording, sharing and editing of all types of audio and visual media.”

The government also announced a specialised software that will enable recording and editing video in various formats, including HD video, which can be used for video conferences, video chats, online presentations and video presentations.

“Video conferences, which are essential for our democracy, will be the new format for video conferees,” Roy said.

The FreeCocal software will enable a user to edit and record video, she said.

The Free Cocal software, which has been developed by a consortium of Indian software firms, will cost around Rs.1,200 per license, the government said.

Roy said the software will also help users create their content, including videos and photos, and upload them to websites.

“FreeCocain will enable anyone to create video content, with a few simple steps.

The user can create and edit content as well as create a link to it on a website,” Roy added.

The software will be available in English, Gujarati, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Punjabi.

It is also available in a number of other languages.

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