hp printer is a powerful suite of software that lets you connect your printers to a network and remotely print.

This article shows how to turn off the HP-printer software.

If you are using HP printers to print to a printer connected to a USB-C port, you can use the command line to do this:If you have the HP Probook 2560 and the HP Pavilion 11, you will be able to use the commands below to turn on the HP printer and print to it using the default settings.

You may also need to change the printer driver from the default to one that supports USB-c ports.

The HP-Print drivers also have support for printing to external printers, but we will be using a USB printer for this tutorial.

First, you need to download the latest driver.

Click here for the driver download page, and then select the file from the downloads list.

Now, open up the drivers folder on your hard drive, and copy the file you downloaded earlier to your Desktop or Documents folder.

You will see two files in the drivers directory: an executable file called drivers.exe, and a standard program, called print_psf.exe.

Open up the printer.conf file to see what printer drivers are currently loaded.

You will need to enable printers as shown below.

The printer driver that was loaded automatically is the default one, but if you want to enable printer drivers that are different, you may need to add the following line to the end of the printer configuration file:In the example below, we will only enable the default printer driver and disable the printer from connecting to a LAN port.

Save the printerconfig file and close it.

Next, open the printerproperties file and find the line that reads:The printer configuration files contain a number of configuration options that you can change.

We will be changing these in this tutorial to see how to disable the HP printing software.

Next we will add the printer settings to the printerconf file.

We have to make sure that the following lines are set:Note that the print settings are set to the default values, so you can choose what settings you want by editing the print_ppf.ini file.

This is where the printer drivers live, and the default driver is set to print on a standard printer and not on a USB.

If your printer is connected to the network, you should have a printerconfig.xml file in the printer directory.

Open that file up and change the line to print_ssd_default.xml.

This line should change the default configuration of your printer from the print configuration file to the one from the printer config file.

Now you can edit the printppfconfig.ini to configure your printer to print from the USB-CSM.

Open the printerrc.xml and change:You will need the printconfig.cfg file to edit the configuration file.

Open up the printcfg.xml in the printrc.conf editor and change any printer settings that you want.

Open a command prompt and type:Now we need to create a printer configuration that will allow us to print.

Open your printerconfig, and in the top-right of the file, change the PrintPm setting to the value of the USB port you want the printer connected on.

Now type:In a new command prompt, type:And you should see something like the following output:The output should look like this:The command line should print to the display as shown in the image below.

To print to an external USB-host, we need the printer’s default printer configuration.

This is where you will add printer settings.

Open the printercfg.cfg and change as shown above.

Now we are going to add printer driver settings.

Open our printerconfig and change a print settings section to:And set the printerport to the USB address of your USB-capable printer.

Now we need a print configuration.

Change the printeroptions section as shown, and set the printprint port to the address of the external USB port:Finally, set the default print print configuration settings to:This is what your printer should look as shown by the image above.

You should now have a printed page with the printer on a different printer port, with a printer print menu that looks like this in the output:You should now see your printed page in the network printer menu.

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