Macs have come a long way since the days of a floppy disk drive.

They’ve also come a lot further since those floppy disks were the first digital devices.

Macs and Windows PCs are the most popular computers in the world, with about 70% of the world’s computer users, according to the Global Internet Market Share report from comScore.

But the desktop has come a bit further than that.

A lot further, in fact.

Mac OS X has become the most frequently used operating system in the last 20 years.

But it’s not only Mac OSX that’s on the rise.

Windows PCs also have seen a significant jump in popularity, rising to more than 75% of total worldwide PC sales in 2013, up from less than 15% in 2009, according the U.S. Census Bureau.

And Chromebooks are on the way.

The popular open-source Linux operating system has a growing share of the global market.

Chromebooks have become the go-to computer for many businesses.

A 2013 study by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that, of all the major computing platforms, Windows and Linux are now the dominant computing platforms.

And the numbers show it.

In the United States, Chromebooks outsold all other computing platforms in the same quarter, the most recent available data show.

Windows, Apple and Linux were each responsible for over 50% of all PC sales, the study found.

But Chromebooks don’t just appear out of nowhere.

Chromebook users are already starting to appear in businesses.

Chromebook makers are using the technology to build their own hardware and software.

There’s a growing number of businesses that use Chromebooks for their own devices, like web-based e-commerce, a growing portion of mobile-payments, and some web-hosting.

In fact, there are more Chromebooks in use now than in the entire world.

The average number of Chromebooks per business in the U, U.K. and Australia is about 4, according data from the Linux Foundation.

The Linux Foundation, a nonprofit group that supports Linux, estimates that about half of all U. S. Chromebook shipments were shipped in 2015.

But Google isn’t alone in building Chromebooks.

Apple also builds and sells Chromebooks, though its devices tend to be smaller and less expensive.

Chromebook sales are surging, too.

Apple sold 1.6 million Chromebooks last year.

But they’re also growing in popularity.

Google’s own research estimates that Chromebooks account for about a third of all Chromebook sales, up by about 40% from a year ago.

Google estimates that Google sells more than 1.5 million Chromebook computers a day, about 20% more than Apple does.

Microsoft has more than 2 million Chromebook PCs, and about 300,000 are used in enterprise systems.

But that doesn’t mean Google has been a huge winner.

In 2013, Microsoft sold only 1.2 million Chromebook laptops.

The number of laptops sold has dropped since then, but the market for PCs has remained stagnant.

Still, Google has a lot to celebrate, too, as it’s become the dominant browser for web surfing, as well as a dominant platform for enterprise computing.

Google owns Chrome, which is a popular browser in many countries around the world.

Microsoft owns the Windows operating system, which was created in 1996.

Chromebook is a Chrome-based operating system for Android devices.

The browser has become so popular that Google has started shipping Chrome-branded Android devices to businesses in its stores.

Google has also made it easy to get Google Apps, the company’s free cloud service that lets businesses create and manage digital files.

Google also makes it easy for people to sign up for Google Cloud.

But in recent years, the search giant has also been investing heavily in its own cloud-based services.

The company has bought dozens of companies, including Box, Boxes, Dropbox, Google, and Salesforce.

Amazon, too has become a major cloud provider, though not to the extent of Google.

Microsoft and Google have a lot of catching up to do, though.

Apple has more cloud computing customers than Google does, according its latest annual report.

Apple’s cloud computing revenue jumped 20% in 2015, according Google’s numbers.

And Amazon’s cloud revenues have also been rising, while Microsoft’s cloud revenue has remained flat.

Google may not be able to match Amazon and Microsoft, but it’s clear that the search and cloud giants are catching up.

For example, Microsoft has been slowly moving toward the cloud for several years.

Google started offering its own version of the Google Cloud Platform last year and is rolling out a new version of it next month.

Google CEO Satya Nadella recently said that Google’s Cloud Platform “is going to be one of the most valuable tools in the history of computing.”

But Google’s cloud services are still struggling.

Google is using Google Cloud in less than 10% of its business.

Amazon and Google Cloud are only using the Google cloud for about 20%.

Amazon, meanwhile, has made it

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