Police have arrested three Palestinians in the occupied West Bank for allegedly stabbing a police officer in the West Bank city of Hebron.

The suspect, identified as 20-year-old Yasser Adnan Abu-Baker, is a resident of the settlement of Pisgat Ze’ev, police said on Monday.

Police said in a statement that Abu-baker and two other suspects were arrested for attempted murder, attempted abduction, and assault.

The third suspect was arrested in a separate incident in the city of Ramallah, police added.

A Palestinian man who witnessed the incident and was injured said that Abu of the suspects were wearing hooded sweatshirts, and that they threw the knife in the direction of the officer, who was hit in the chest.

The incident took place during the ongoing Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip, police spokesperson Micky Rosenfeld said.

The two other Palestinians were also detained, Rosenfeld added.

The stabbing occurred in the Hebron district of Pisgah, which is located in the Jordan Valley, a border area with Israel.

According to local reports, a Palestinian man named Yasser Abu-Zuhri, 20, who lives in Pisgat Ot, was in the area with a relative when he saw a police car speeding towards them on a bicycle, according to a local resident who identified himself as Mahmoud, a local politician.

He said that he and his cousin saw Abu- Baker and the other two men throwing knives at the officer.

Mahmoud said he then grabbed the officer’s hand, and Abu- Zuhri started hitting him with the knife.

Mahmoud told The Jerusalem Report that when Mahmoud saw Abu Baker, he immediately grabbed the knife and threw it at the officers.

Mahmoud was reportedly injured in the fight and received stitches.

Abu-zuhri was arrested on Monday morning after the incident, Rosenfield said.

Palestinian news outlets reported that Abu was an IDF soldier stationed at Pisgat Zeev, a military outpost in the southern West Bank that is home to some 1,500 settlers.

The Israeli army routinely targets Palestinian civilians in the region and the West bank for the purposes of enforcing Israeli control over the area.

The settler community has a large presence in the settlements.

According a report by the International Solidarity Movement, more than 3,500 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces since 1967, and thousands of others have been injured.

The violence has intensified since the Palestinian Authority was formed in 2007 and the United Nations Security Council adopted a resolution condemning the settlements in July.

The West Bank has been a flashpoint between Israel and Hamas, a militant Palestinian group.

Israel and the PA have clashed repeatedly over the past year, with the PA and Israel accusing each other of launching attacks against each other’s civilians.

A UN report in December 2015 concluded that Israel’s military operations in the Occupied Palestinian Territories have led to more than 1,100 civilian deaths since 2008.

A number of Palestinians have also been killed in clashes between Israel forces and Hamas militants, including a Palestinian woman who was shot in the head in a Jerusalem street on Monday by an Israeli soldier.

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