iOS users have been able to get a new version of iOS 10, the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, since October.

The iOS 10.1.1 update adds some new features and some of the latest improvements, including the ability to play video and other apps directly from the iPhone’s built-in camera and Siri.

The latest update also includes a slew of bug fixes, including some that affected the way apps were loading.

But for some users, the update didn’t do enough to address the problem of apps not running in the background on some older iPhones.

The iOS update also brought an “experimental” option to allow users to toggle off background downloading on certain devices, but Apple has yet to officially announce this option, according to multiple sources.

The most notable new feature introduced in iOS 10 is the ability for users to pause a video on their iPhone.

Previously, video players would load while a user was playing a video, but this option now works with iOS 10 on iPhones as well.

The feature works by taking the current playback speed of the device and applying it to a custom preset.

For example, if you were watching a YouTube video, the video would play at a slow speed and then slow to a normal speed once it reached the end.

You can then pause the video by tapping the Play button in the video player and tapping Stop.

The ability to pause the current video is the biggest new addition to the iPhone in iOS.

Previous versions of iOS had to load video on the device before the user could play it.

This new feature, however, allows users to play the video while they’re at work or home.

Users can then set a pause time and playback speed and choose how long the video will load and when it will be paused.

Apple says this feature can also be disabled in the settings of the video app, but the feature is not enabled in the videos settings.

It’s worth noting that while the iOS 10 update does not include support for iOS 9 or older, there are still some of Apple Inc.’s older software, such as iMessage, which are still available for download on the iPhone.

Apple is also working on a fix for an issue with iMessage that has been reported to Apple users.

The company says it is working on the fix for iOS 10 and will release an update for iOS 11.

This is just the latest in a series of bug and stability fixes for iOS.

Apple has also updated its iOS software with the latest updates, bringing the iPhone and iPad versions of the operating system up to date.

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