You’ve probably heard about the rise of the smartphone, and the decline of the PC.

It’s a trend that seems to have been confirmed by the recent announcement that smartphones are coming to the end of their life cycle.

But what does this mean for your computer?

Here’s a look at some of the big questions.

The smartphone was the most popular computing device of the last 10 years.

The year 2000 saw the launch of Apple’s iPhone, which launched just over a year after Apple launched the first iPhone in 1995.

By 2009, smartphone sales had surpassed desktop PCs.

By 2015, the iPhone was the number one smartphone of all time, according to research firm Gartner.

But even that wasn’t the most important factor in the smartphone’s success, according an article in Forbes magazine.

The number one reason for the smartphone explosion was the ability to do more with less.

When you put your phone on your wrist, you could use it to track your shopping, schedule appointments, send texts, and send messages.

But it’s also been possible to do all of these things in the past with an iPhone, but now smartphones offer more capabilities.

What’s the point of having a smartphone if you can’t do more?

For most people, smartphones are a convenient way to take advantage of all the great new things Apple has added over the years.

But they also become a great way to get work done.

The iPhone is one of the most commonly used devices in the US today, according the research firm NPD Group.

There are more than 10 million iPhone 5s and 5c handsets shipped in the United States every day, according NPD.

For some people, it can also be a way to use social media or other apps without having to carry around a phone.

It can be used to send text messages, record video calls, and play games.

When the iPhone 5S launched in 2017, it brought with it a host of other features, including a camera with a new megapixel sensor and a built-in accelerometer.

It also added an “Auto Face Unlock” feature that unlocks the phone when you’re not using it.

With the iPhone 6, Apple added a new Face ID sensor, which makes it easier for people to get ahold of you and unlock your phone.

You can also use your iPhone to sign up for new Apple Pay payments, and to sync data with Apple’s iCloud cloud storage.

The iPhone also comes with a number of new software features.

The most popular of these are Siri, the company’s digital assistant.

It provides voice recognition, which means that you can use the iPhone’s microphone to talk to the phone, answer questions, or even play music.

Siri also has a photo gallery that lets you take pictures of your favorite photos.

The new iPhone 6 also includes Apple Pay, which allows users to pay for items with their phones.

And while most of the new features are cool, they’re not always as useful as you’d like them to be.

Siri’s voice recognition is great, but it’s limited to a few key phrases.

For example, when you ask it to find the nearest coffee shop, Siri says, “OK, here’s my Starbucks.”

But if you ask, “Where’s the nearest Starbucks?” it’ll say, “Here.”

Siri’s other features aren’t as useful, either.

If you want to take a picture, Siri can’t recognize the resolution of your camera.

If a friend calls you, Siri won’t be able to tell you where to look for it.

And the most frustrating thing about Siri is that it sometimes just makes your life harder.

You have to remember your voice and your intentions, so that Siri can make the right call, and that means that if you’re having trouble, it could be because you forgot to ask for help.

Siri can also do more than just make you feel more comfortable using the phone.

For instance, if you need help with something like adjusting the volume, it might take a little time to understand what you’re asking for.

You’ll also have to type in a password if you want the feature to work.

And Siri can help you do these things with just a few taps on your phone, but the problem with it is that sometimes it can be distracting.

In an interview with Gizmodo, Apple’s senior vice president of iOS, Eddy Cue, acknowledged that some of Siri’s limitations were to blame for the decline in sales.

“We have a very small number of people that are really interested in Siri,” Cue said.

“That’s why we don’t do it all the time.

We’re focused on getting our apps to more people.”

The same can be said of the Mac Pro.

The Mac Pro was a big step forward for Apple when it launched in 2013.

But in 2018, the price of the machine dropped to $1,199.99.

The reason?

The new version of macOS introduced a new interface called “the Mac App Store,”

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