Microsoft is trying to make its app experience even more of a first for Windows users, launching a new Windows 10 Media player that is built for media editing and other types of content editing.

The new player is designed to work well with the Windows 10 Creators Update, the company announced today.

The app, called “Windows Media Player,” will be available starting today and will work on the Creators update, Windows Insider Program users can sign up to get early access to the app.

Microsoft is rolling out the app as part of a new series of Windows 10 updates called the Creator Update, a major upgrade that adds new features, changes the way Windows apps run, and fixes bugs and other problems.

For the last several months, Microsoft has been rolling out new updates to Windows 10 to fix bugs and to fix issues in the operating system.

This update, known as the Creatory Update, will include a number of new features and updates to the operating systems software, including Windows 10 and the Creaters update.

These updates come at a time when Microsoft is making a play for new users who have upgraded from previous versions of the OS.

The Creators is a major update that is being rolled out to all Windows 10 users, including those who have already upgraded.

Microsoft has made a point to emphasize that the update is not a complete overhaul of the operating System, but rather a major new feature that has been designed to improve the way people use Windows.

Microsoft says that “Windows is a living system, and it’s important to us that we continue to keep it up to date with the latest software, so that we’re always delivering the best possible experiences for our customers.”

The new Windows Media Player app is a “new-generation” version of the Windows Media player, which was released in 2016 and has been a part of the Creatorians update since the Creatores update.

The Windows Media app will support playback and editing of any type of content.

Microsoft plans to release more versions of this app as the update rolls out.

Microsoft notes that the Windows media player is not meant to replace other media apps like Netflix, YouTube, and other video apps.

“We are not trying to replace traditional media apps,” Microsoft said in a blog post.

“Rather, the Windows Player is intended to complement the existing media players that are available on Windows.”

Microsoft is hoping to get more people to adopt the Windows player, so it’s launching it now and giving early access.

Microsoft said that the new app will not replace the existing Windows Media players on PCs and tablets.

The developer of the app, Newell Mattison, told TechCrunch that he had not yet worked out a pricing model for the Windows app, but that it was expected to cost $5.99, which would be the same price as the Windows store for non-Creators users.

Microsoft also says that the app will only work on Windows 10 devices that support Windows Media Center, which is a new addition to Windows that lets people stream content from other platforms, including Apple TV and Roku.

Microsoft was able to get the Creatories update on time, with no issues.

Microsoft had originally planned to ship the app to customers on April 13, but the update has been delayed due to some bugs in the app that have been fixed.

Microsoft did not provide a timeline for when the Windows update will be rolling out to the Creatours update.

Microsoft isn’t the only company trying to fix some of the issues that the CreatORS update has caused for its users.

Apple announced last month that it will also be releasing an update to the iOS operating system on April 17.

The company said that it plans to roll out the update on the same day as the new Windows app.

“iOS 8 is now live in the App Store, and we are looking forward to rolling out Windows 10 media playback to all our users on April 18,” Apple said in its blog post announcing the update.

“With this update, we are delivering the most comprehensive, customizable, and fast way to stream, edit, and share content with your friends and family on the go.”

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