India has launched its first AI car-hailing service, Uber, which allows drivers to choose which taxi services they want to connect with, in what is being seen as a sign that the country is trying to turn itself into a global hub for driverless technology.

The Indian government says that Uber, in partnership with its Indian counterpart, has installed 4,500 autonomous cars across the country.

India, which has more than 200 million drivers, is the world’s fourth largest economy, behind China, France and the United States.

India’s taxi industry, the largest in the world, has been slow to develop the technology to connect autonomous vehicles with people and make them smarter, since the vehicles were designed to operate with humans at all times.

However, with its massive population and high level of technology, India has some of the most sophisticated and advanced car-sharing networks in the developing world.

In India, Uber operates its own fleet of autonomous cars that use a network of about 2,000 driverless cars, including its own, with a range of between 200km (125 miles) and 2,500km (1,600 miles).

The company says it is developing its own service, which is similar to Uber, but in which drivers are allowed to choose the vehicles they want.

Drivers can choose from different taxi services, such as Uber, Taxi Fori and Uber Plus.

There are also other apps, such an Uber app that allows drivers and passengers to share information about their journey.

Uber said the system was built in collaboration with Google, and is intended to be “a platform where people can easily connect and share experiences”.

The company also said that it has received the approval from the Indian government for a pilot project with Uber, and that it would continue working with it.

Uber said that the government has accepted that it will be the first Indian service to integrate with the autonomous vehicle, and will not be the only one.

In a video posted on its website, Uber said it was “very excited to begin the rollout of this service”.

“We’re committed to helping the drivers in India connect with their drivers, making it easy for them to choose their ride and making it easier for them and passengers for sharing their journey,” it said.

In the video, Uber explained that the cars have GPS tracking and can navigate in real time, which helps the company identify their passengers and avoid accidents.

It said it has built a system that allows its drivers to select the vehicle they want, which then provides the service with a map.

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