By Alex Isenstadt, Associated Press A pair of anti-Trump TV spots airing in Iowa, Ohio and Pennsylvania is being promoted by an organization funded by billionaire Donald Trump.

The campaign says the ads will go out through all of its primary states, but the narrator in one of the ads warns that they are a “preemptive strike” against “the President and his supporters.”

The ad, which is the latest in a string of anti and pro-Trump ads the group has released in recent weeks, is part of a broader effort by the Trump campaign to “raise awareness about the President’s racist and sexist views and policies,” the group said.

It is part, it says, of a “new and bold new campaign” aimed at highlighting the President and the Democratic Party.

The ad says it is a “pro-Trump, pro-family, pro–American message.”

The narrator says the President is the president of the United States and his “biggest lie is that he is a Muslim.”

He says he “has done nothing wrong,” and says the “media and the Democrats” “are trying to destroy America.”

He said Trump has “done nothing to improve our country, nothing to unite us, nothing that will help us in the future.”

The ads also show a man in a black suit wearing a red shirt and a red hat sitting in front of a fireplace and saying: “He is the President of the country.”

The man then says: “We are not going to give up.”

“I am the President.

I am going to keep fighting for America, fighting for my country, fighting until we get rid of this President,” he says.

The narrator then says the ad is about “the American dream,” and urges viewers to “take action now.”

“There are a lot of people that think they are entitled to speak for us,” the narrator says.

“And I think they don’t understand the difference between the American dream and the American reality.”

The groups has also released an ad that shows a man with a microphone standing in front the fireplace.

He says, “The president and the Republicans are going to change this country.

It’s going to be different.

The country is going to grow and grow.

But we are going through a long and difficult time.”

The group says it was formed to counter the “anti-Trump agenda” that includes “anti–white, anti–minority, anti-gay, anti—everything that is wrong with this country.”

It says it’s targeting Republican lawmakers, Republicans in the media and others in “the Trump movement who are not working for our country or standing up for our freedoms and our country.”

In its latest ad, titled “No more Trump,” the campaign says it will be airing in more than 70 states, and that it will “stop the anti-American agenda that Donald Trump and his GOP party have created.”

The campaign has said it is raising $100 million to go after “the liberal media” in a “coordinated, coordinated campaign.”

It also says it has paid for a number of new ads in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Minneapolis, Detroit and other cities.

“The Trump movement has a clear and present danger to our country and our way of life,” it says in the ad.

“They want to tear apart our country.

They want to destroy our way for their own selfish ends.”

It said the group is “working tirelessly” to “stop Trump and the Trump movement.”

The anti-Obama ad, in which a woman is standing in a classroom, is also part of the effort.

It says: A woman with a clipboard says, ‘I’m an immigrant, a Muslim, and I’m a citizen of the united states.

And I support President Obama’s foreign policy.’

“It says, with tears in her eyes, that she wants to “put America first.

“It ends with the woman saying: ‘You don’t get to decide who is in America.’

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