Google is expected to offer video editing tools to Apple and Microsoft in the coming months.

While Apple has long pushed its own video editing features, including Apple’s Premiere Pro and Adobe Premiere, Microsoft’s Windows Live Photos, Microsoft Dynamics Cloud, and Adobe After Effects, Microsoft is expected eventually to offer a mix of Apple’s Video Editing tools, Microsoft Web Video, and Microsoft Office apps, according to a source familiar with the discussions.

While Adobe has said it is open to offering the tools to other developers, Google has not, the source said.

Google is also likely to offer Video Editors for Android devices, which is expected later this year, the insider said.

Microsoft and Adobe also are expected to release a new version of their video editing app for Android later this month, the person said.

The Microsoft and Google collaboration on video editing is the latest sign that Microsoft is trying to expand its video editing capabilities beyond Windows.

Microsoft recently launched a new video editing program for Android called Video Editor.

It’s available as a free download for users on iOS devices, and the company is also looking to expand that program into Windows.

Google is also expected to add video editing to the new video editor, according the source.

Microsoft is also working on an Android video editor for video editing, which could come later this spring.

Apple and Microsoft have been competing for years for video production and editing software.

Microsoft’s Final Cut Pro X is the most widely used professional video editing suite, and Apple has its own editing program, Pro Logic.

Both companies have been making a big push to attract developers to the Web-based video editing services.

Apple recently launched its own mobile app called Procreate, which allows users to make edits to their existing video clips, and also allows for video sharing.

Microsoft has been working with Adobe, Google, and other video editors to expand their capabilities, including a new feature called “Edit Video on Demand.”

Apple recently unveiled its own app called Premiere, which offers professional editing tools, including Premiere Pro, Adobe Premiere CC, and Cinema 4D.

Apple has been looking to extend its video tools for the Web, too.

Apple has been building a new Web app called iPhoto for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

The iPhoto Web app will allow users to take videos, edit them, share them, and export them to a video file.

The iPhoto team has also been working on a Web app for the Apple Watch, which has been built for iOS and OS X, and is expected soon to be released for Android, AppleInsider said.

AppleInsider also said that Adobe has begun work on a new iPad app called Adobe After, which would let users create and edit video clips.

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