A new virus-free laptop can save you £400 over the next two years, according to a study.

The research found that laptops with anti-virus software and video recording software saved people £400 a year.

But it said the software did not help as many people as the other two, because the cost of software was not so high.

Razer software cost £100 a year, and the video recording company cost £30 a year and the anti-malware company cost $1.25 a year – around $2.25.

The study also found that the cost per year of software and the cost to record a video were similar.

The UK government said it would review the research.

“If we’re looking at a cost-effectiveness, we need to look at the actual cost of the product,” said the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport’s director of strategic services, David Garrow.

“So, I think it’s really important that we’re doing cost-benefit analysis.”‘

Virus free’ could be a dreamThe Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) said the research was an important piece of evidence for the government and consumers to consider when buying a new computer.

“It’s important for people to think about how the software might help them, and also the cost,” said Jo Johnson, the BIS director of consumer protection and anti-money laundering.

“We need to do that, and we also need to be looking at the cost in terms of the protection of our consumer.”

She said people might be tempted to use software to prevent a virus.

“You might not know what the risks are and there’s nothing you can do about it,” she said.

“There’s nothing that you can put in your computer that would stop it from being a virus.”

Dr Garrow said there were a number of other benefits to using anti-viruses.

“Some of them are that you’re reducing the chance of the virus getting into your system, and some of them, the biggest benefit, is that you might be able to get rid of the data and that might be a very important thing in terms on what you’re doing in terms to protecting your privacy,” he said.’

No-one can tell’The study said people were unlikely to get a virus on their new laptop.

“People are not likely to get the virus on any laptop they buy,” Dr Garrow told the BBC.

“The vast majority of laptops, the vast majority are virus-protected.”

The study compared the cost, time and cost of anti-Malware software with the cost and time to record the video with the company.

The report said a computer with anti-“virus-free” software saved customers £600 a year compared with a laptop with anti “malware-free”.

“There was no significant difference between the cost-saving of the anti virus software and a laptop that was not virus-unprotected, so it’s an impressive figure,” Dr Johnson said.

The BIS said the findings were based on a UK survey of 1,000 consumers in which people who were asked to complete an online survey were asked if they had ever been infected with a virus or malware and how many times they had been infected.

“A lot of people don’t know if their computer has been infected and they don’t necessarily want to be a part of the study, but we’ve found that when people do complete the survey and are asked about the number of times they’ve been infected, they’re much more likely to say that they’ve had to reinstall the anti software than the laptop,” Dr Hulme said.

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