We’ve all heard the “what if” before, but the truth is there are no easy or straightforward ways to get rid of an old, damaged or broken disc.

There are however a couple of options available to those with an iPhone 5. 

For those with a new device, you can burn a new copy of a disc in iTunes.

For those with the most recent iOS 9 or newer, you will need to download the iPhone 5 and then install the free Dabber app on it.

Dabber can burn new iTunes or Apple’s proprietary copy of iTunes.

You can also burn a blank, formatted copy of an iTunes disc.

The only downside of the Dabbers method is the process.

There’s a bit of a wait and the resulting disc will not look like the original. 

However, the benefits of this method are huge.

You can get rid the disc in less than 10 minutes.

And you can get a new iTunes version that is compatible with the device. 

In addition, you get a brand new disc.

The best part is that Dabbers method does not take up any space.

It takes up less than 1.5 GB of space on your iPhone. 

The only downside is that you will have to install Dabbing the app on the device in order to use it.

So you will want to download that app. 

Here’s how to burn the disc.

Step 1.

Download Dab Browser Step 2.

Open Dabmer on your device.

Step 3.

Go to your device and select the “Burn DVD” option.

Step 4.

Select the disk you want to burn and the options you want will appear. 

Step 5.

In the “Choose Destination” box, select the location you want the file to be burned to. 

Now select “Choose Format” and then “Choose Volume” and choose the volume that you want your iTunes copy to be. 

If you have a newer device, it may not have a dedicated burner for the DVD. 

To get a burn that is supported by your device, select “Burn to” and hit “Save.” 

The disc will be saved and you can use it on your new device.

If you want a simpler method to burn an iTunes copy, click here . 

How to burn to iTunes without the DABB Step 1: You can burn your copy to the iTunes App Store, or if you have an older iPhone, go to the Drip app and select “Copy to iTunes.”

Step 2: The iTunes app will ask you to choose a format.

Choose the “Drip to” option and hit the “Copy” button. 

Then you will be prompted to select the destination that you wish to copy the file. 

Once you hit the copy button, the disc will go into the Dabs app and will be stored in your iPhone’s internal memory. 

When you have the Ds, you’ll see the image of the disc that you just created and you will then be able to access the Dbs app.

How to use Dabs with a newer iOS device Step 3: Dabs can be used with the newest iOS device.

In order to access Dabs, you must have the latest iOS 9.0 or newer.

You must have a device with the latest Apple logo on it or you will not be able the process to access it. 

You will also need to enable the “Launch from SD Card” feature.

This feature will automatically save your Dabs to your iOS device’s internal storage. 

How much is it to burn? 

The Dabs process takes less than a minute to complete.

It can be as simple as 30 seconds.

If you are new to Dabs or if your device is not compatible with this method, the process can take up to 1 hour or longer. 

As always, you are encouraged to call Dabs customer support to schedule a free Dabs evaluation and they will be happy to help. 

What do you think about this method to replace the loss of a DVD?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below. 

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